Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Gay Fun World Sidewalk Cart Sale Is In Full Swing

The Gay Fun World Shops <Main Entry Here> are featuring Cart Sale values all through the sim. 

Browse the carts on the streets for great bargains. Here's some of my favorite 25 linden finds. 

Dresswell has these front down style mesh boxers.

Sidewalk has put out their newest blue shirt for the sale. The gray wrangler jeans come from the EDD cart.

 M.C Hot has these golden mesh skinny jeans on their cart.

Body And Soul has this full avatar set out for sale. Shape, skin, eyes and two full outfits with accesories are included. Some nice boots with the set as well. Awesome value here!

Cockwood Designz sexual outfit includes a top and jeans.

Energy Menswear has the 3 Navy tank tops in three colors as well as the Jungle cargo pants on their cart.

SF Design has a cart with these great camouflage shorts with belt. 

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  1. Thanks for the great article & coverage Jeff - will share to all interested!