Thursday, October 18, 2012

"You Better Work" Photo Contest

I got a notecard detailing a monthly flickr photo contest titled "You Better Work". Hardly work and a hell load of fun if you ask me. The basic premise is;

"You Better Work!" is a judged photo contest with a twist.
It will be free for anyone, male or female, and you need not be a model to enter.
"You Better Work!" is hosted by The Model's Workshop and its Members and supported by "GlamDammit" clothing design.
How the contest works is simple - but it will give you a great chance to use your imagination.
Each month there will be a free box of props and clothing set out in the 􀀄 and in the GlamDammit main-store 􀀅 .  To get yours, just teleport over to one of these locations  and look for the wooden crate with the "You Better WORK" sign on it.
Each box will contain 6-10 free items of random types.
Your task is to use any 3 (three) or more of the items in a photo. How you use them is entirely up to you, but the items must show up in the final photograph.
You may take your own photo or have a photographer do it for you. Photoshop work is welcome. Creativity is a must.
There will be several categories of winners, including but not limited to...
Best use of Props
Most stylish Editorial/Fashion Photo
Best in Humor
Most Creative
There will be Prizes for the winners though what they are will vary month to month depending on donations and participation. Judging will take place on the last week of the month and the winners will be announced here and in the Model's Workshop Group on SL.

So I took some shots and my entry will be one of these....enjoy! The props I chose from the box were the skull, scarf and glasses. I'll be posting more entries monthly as the contest continues.

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