Monday, August 13, 2012

More Free Gifts At The Menstuff Lounge

In addition to the hunt gifts, Menstuff  has expanded the gifts on the gift wall at the Menstuff Lounge. Here's some more of my favorites.

The Ultra shape and Envyme skin go well together.

Head on over for this jean and t-shirt set from Karmas Kreations.

There's lots of choices in this set from Fiend. All the jeans and tops are included, even the coat.

This 'skullfully' done set comes from S1nners.

 I liked this moss green peacoat from JfL as well.

 These open front jeans are gifted from Mohna Lisa Couture.

For mesh lovers there's this mesh tank top from [UnderDogs].

Lastly, for those still in UK London mode there's a nice UK flag set from [TF] Tamiron Forge. The sunglasses are included as well.

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