Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Expressive Poses / Purple Poses / MotionLess Poses

Expressive Poses expressed these poses.

Purple Poses picked a pack of these poses.

And MotionLess Poses moved a double gift of these poses plus a cool set of glasses with a coloring hud to edit them to all kinds of color combinations. Get your SLurls and hints for all three sets here.

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Shiva / ShadZ

Shiva has gifted this skin and shape for the hunt. The lavender face tattoo adds a fantasy element to the skin. It's shown here with the hair from the Alli & Ali gift previously blogged.  SLurls and hints here.

I LOVE these sunglasses gifted at ShadZ. They are easy to edit with the hud when you click them for size and frame colors. Way too cool! SLurls and hints.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Karmas Kreations

Karmas Kreations has set out a nice gift set of a shirt and jeans. I like the well worn texturing in the jeans. Slurls and hints here.

The Men Only Hunt 2 - *Sativa*

People who know me know my love for graphic t shirts in sl. This one is bound for greatness and given freely to the world from *Sativa* SLurls and hints here.

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Anatomy Body Shop

Anatomy Body Shop has given us this fantasy skin. I like the muscle toning and bright warrior war paint on the face. SLurls and hints here. 

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Tableau Vivant / suPOSEdly

Tableau Vivant does some great fantasy skins. This gift is a colorful alternative skin. It's shown with the suPOSEdly  prop chair gift that includes poses. Slurls and hints here.

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Ducknipple / MONS

From the store name that still makes me giggle...Ducknipple has put out a great mesh shirt that fit me well. I am showing it with the sculpted hat/hair combo gift from MONS. SLurls and hints here.

The Men Only Hunt 2 - illmatic

illmatic is gifting these nice salmon chinos and as a bonus they include briefs in black, gray and white as well. Momma always said you can't have too many undies! SLurls and hints here.

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Mango

The gift from Mango is this well textured tank and shorts set. Simply said.....It's a keeper! SLurls and hints here

The Men Only Hunt 2 - SnapbackSwag

Yes folks I donned my mesh friendly shape for this mesh urban look jacket and and sculpted hat combo gift from SnapbackSwagg. And guess what....IT FITS! I'm not ready to strut my mesh inworld as yet but I'm getting there. I modified my shape and I'm ok with it but still yearn for better things. I did get a few more mesh items for the hunt and was surprised at the fit of them. Stay tuned!  SLurls and hints are here. 

The Men Only Hunt 2 - Red Sand / Alli & Ali Designs

This is the nerdy Red Sand full avatar gift that includes shape, skin, eyes, mesh shorts, glasses and several removable tattoo layers so you can just wear the skin without the colorful band aids and face. The hair is from the fatpack gift from Alli & Ali in several wild colors. SLurls and hints are here! 

The Men Only Hunt 2

The Men Only Hunt this cycle has a focus on COLOand you can really see that focus in the gifts. there's a full blog of  gifts here and the SLurls and hints are here. I'll be blogging my favorites this week.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

52 Weeks Of Color - Cobalt

Kokomo Cobalt

Hair Uw.St  Scott-Hair type-B size-LL   coffee
Skin -Belleza- Jacob Tan 1
Glasses K_gs Ronny 1.00
Shirts *VLC* Hawaiian Shirts showing 2 shirts from this set of 8 on the marketplace
Pants Balani's Cotton White Pants (no longer available)
Poses  Exposeur Oh Boy 1  The Mens Department for May

Location Oahu Resort

Saturday, May 19, 2012

52 Weeks Of Color - Lemon Chiffon

Hair **Dura-Boy**19(Ash Brown)
Skin -Belleza- Johan Tan 1-E
Glasses Kumaki sunglasses_MHOH3_edition 1.00
Tank top *Zanzo* Love Trial Singlet (Lemon / untucked) (marketplace)
Hoodie Neon Coyote Hoodie (Pale Yellow) (marketplace)
Shorts lemon n stripes shorts (marketplace)
Poses/background Vice Poses Three Blokes On A Stoop (May Group Gift)