Monday, August 22, 2011

Risky Business - Creating A New Avatar

Creating a new avatar has its risks, will you like it in a few days? Will your friends like it? Would momma approve? These are the risks. I recreated my avatar last week and its all good!
I started with modifying the Lothario shape from Agape to my best liking.
Then I slipped on the Jacob skin tan shade from Belleza.
I crowned my creation with the Brown type B Scott hair from Uncle Web Studios. I also got a blond, black and reddish shade to switch with my moods.
I upgraded my AO with the Urban Male Breathing Edition V1 from Vista. It seems very cool to watch an avatar breathe and the upgrade from the old version was cheap! If you have the older Urban Male version upgrade today here.
I enriched my body hair with the Lightly Hairy Body Fat Pack from Jaryth's Barber Shop.
The fat pack has a tattoo layer and a prim layer in all colors and they are tintable as well.
The capricorn chest tattoo is from Aitui.
The glasses are the Ronny style from Kumaki and I can't tell you how many have asked me for that link to get them! I really do love these glasses. They are scripted to change the color of frames and lenses and resize.
My eyes are my usual Super Realistic Blue Series from EDDesign.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Secret Agent Hung Assassin

Gimmie' some skin. For a long time my choice of skin has beenBelleza. Joining their group for 250L will get you this new skin called Jacob along with a few other skins at the store group gift center. They are given in several shades as well, and for the ladies, it's the same great deal. I found a store for awesome outfits the other day, Justise Barcelos Collections. Here you see the Hung Assassin outfit in all its glory. I love the details and the flexibility of his outfits. One boxed set will do you for several options to mix and match with whatever you have. Two great places for bargain shopping and style.

Also find them here;

Monday, August 15, 2011

Watch And Wear

I'm starting a new blog where I will once in a while share a Second Life fashion or style tip or resource. It's called Watch And Wear and after 5 years in Second Life who better to share some sage style stuff. Enjoy!